The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Location Translation List

What is this list for?

When Majora's Mask was translated into English, several things were changed. This has been the same with almost every game Nintendo have released that was originally in Japanese. The aim of this list is to show the original Japanese location names and the true translations, comparing them to Nintendo's translations. In order to view this list correctly, you will need the Japanese language pack installed on your computer.

Note: The locations listed here are those which have a location card. By location card, I mean the way the name of the place appears on screen for a few moments after you enter it. Like the Ocarina of Time list, the translations will appear in alphabetical order based on Nintendo's translations, but this time, with a difference. Locations will also be categorised into sections of the overworld, based on its location. For example, Clock Town locations will be at the top of the list, while the area around Ikana Canyon will be at the bottom. Each region will have a heading to make things easier.
If some locations are missing, then please contact us: Shadow Fire or OrdosAlpha.

How this list is set up: The list is split into four categories, all sorted into a table. Each column has its own background shade which shows what category it belongs in.

Translations in square brackets ("[word]") are optional, and translations that have a forward slash ("/") have more than one way of being said.

Nintendo of America日本語Shadow Fire TranslationOrdosAlpha Translation
Astral Observatory天文観測所Astronomy ObservatoryAstronomical Observatory
Bomb Shopバクダン屋
Bomb ShopBomb Shop/Bombmongers
Curiosity Shopマニ屋Enthusiast ShopEnthusiast Shop*1
East Clock Townクロックタウン(東) Clock Town ~East~Clock Town ~East~
Fairy's Fountain妖精の泉Fairy's SpringFairy's Spring/Fountain*2
Honey & Darling's Shopハニーとダーリンの店Honey & Darling's StoreHoney & Darling's Store
Laundry Pool洗濯場Washing PlaceLaundrette
Lottery Shop宝くじ屋Lottery ShopLottery Shop
Milk BarミルクバーMilk BarMilk Bar
North Clock Townクロックタウン(北) Clock Town ~North~Clock Town ~North~
Post OfficeポストハウスPost HousePost House
South Clock Townクロックタウン(南) Clock Town ~South~Clock Town ~South~
Stock Pot Innナベかま亭
Pot and Pan RestaurantPots & Pans Restaurant
Swordsman's School剣道場Kendou GroundsKendo Hall
The Mayor's Residence町長の家Mayor's HouseMayor's House
Town Shooting Gallery町の射的場Town's Target AimingTown['s] Firing Range
Trading Post雑貨屋 General ShopGeneral Store
Treasure Chest Shop宝箱屋Treasure Chest ShopTreasure Chest Shop
West Clock Townクロックタウン(西) Clock Town ~West~Clock Town ~West~
Termina Fieldタルミナ平原 Talmina Plains Talmina/Tarmina Plain
Deku King's Chamberデク王の間Deku King's RoomDeku King's Room
Deku Palaceデクナッツの城Deku Nuts' CastleDeku Nuts' Castle
Deku Shrineデクナッツのほこら
Deku Nuts' ShrineDeku Nuts' Shrine
Fearful Spider House沼のクモ館
Spider Hall of the MarshSwamp['s] Spider House
Magic Hags' Potion Shop魔法オババの薬屋
Old Witches' PharmacyOld Witches' Pharmacy
Southern Swamp沼 地Marsh LandSwampland
Swamp Shooting Gallery沼の射的場Marsh's Target AimingSwamp['s] Firing Range
Tourist Information沼の観光ガイドMarsh's Sightseeing GuideSwamp's Sightseeing Tour Guide
Woodfall Templeウッドフォールの神殿Temple of WoodfallWoodfall Temple
Woods of Mystery不思議の森Forest of WonderForest of Wonder
Goron Graveyardゴロンの墓場Goron's CemeteryGoron['s] Cemetery
Goron Racetrackゴロンレース場 Goron RacetrackGoron Racetrack
Goron Shopゴロンの店Goron's StoreGoron['s] Store
Goron Shrineゴロンのほこら
Goron's ShrineGoron['s] Shrine
Goron Villageゴロンの里Goron's VillageGoron['s] Village
Mountain Smithy山里のカジ屋 Mountain Village's BlacksmithMountain Hamlet Blacksmith
Mountain Village山里Mountain VillageMountain Hamlet
Snowhead Templeスノーヘッドの神殿Temple of SnowheadSnowhead Temple
Cucco Shackコッコ小屋Cocco HutCucco Pen
Doggy Racetrackドッグレース場 Dog RacetrackDog Racetrack
Gorman TrackゴーマントラックGorman TrackGorman Track
Mama's House母屋 Mother's HouseMama's House
Milk Roadミルクロード Milk RoadMilk Road
Fisherman's Hut漁師の家Fisherman's HouseFisherman's House
Great Bay Coastグレートベイの海岸Great Bay's CoastGreat Bay Coast/Beach
Great Bay Templeグレートベイの神殿Temple of Great BayGreat Bay Temple
Marine Research Lab海洋研究所Ocean Research EstablishmentOcean Laboratory
Oceanside Spider House海のクモ館
Spider Hall of the OceanOcean['s] Spider House
Pinnacle Rockトンガリ岩
Tongari RockPointy Rock/Tongari Rock
Pirates' Fortress海賊の砦Pirates' FortressPirates' Fortress
Waterfall Rapids滝上の渓流 Waterfall Above the Mountain Stream Waterfall Above the Mountain Stream
Zora HallゾーラホールZora HallZora Hall
Zora Shopゾーラの店Zora's StoreZora['s] Store
Ancient Castle of Ikanaイカーナ古城Old Castle IkanaOld Castle of Ikana/Ikarna
Beneath the Graveyard墓の下Under the GraveBeneath the Gravesite
Beneath the Well井戸の下Under the Water WellBeneath the Water Well
Ghost Hut幽霊小屋Ghost HutGhost['s] Hut
Ikana Canyonイカーナ渓谷Ikana ValleyIkana/Ikarna Valley
Ikana Graveyardイカーナの墓場Ikana's CemeteryIkana/Ikarna['s] Cemetery
Music Box Houseオルゴールハウス Orgel HouseOrgel House/Music Box House*3
Sakon's HideoutサコンのアジトSakon's HideoutSakon's Hideout/Safe House
Secret Shrine秘密のほこら
Shrine of SecrecySecret Shrine/Shrine of Secrecy
Stone TowerロックビルRockvilleRockville
Stone Tower Templeロックビルの神殿Temple of RockvilleRockville Temple

*1 This is the closest I could coe up with. I based this on a web search, and numerous sites were using 'マニ屋' in their title were sites dedicated to a certain thing, for instance one site was named 'ねこマニ屋' and it was dedicated to all things feline. So, going by this I've decided to go with the translation I've chosen. Feel free to correct me.
*2 Five Fairy's Springs can be found throughout Termina, and the same title card is used for each one. Therefore, only the Clock Town Fairy's Spring is listed.
*3 Orgel is Dutch for Music Box.

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